Alison Mahal

Alison is currently enrolled in the Graduate Equivalency and MME in Music Therapy program at the University of Kansas. She has a BME in Music Education from Southern Methodist University where she completed Orff Schulwerk Levels I-III and a masterclass. She has contributed to the American Orff Schulwerk Association’s publications: Reverberations and The Orff Echo. Prior to coming to music therapy, she taught K-5 music for five years and is now in her 8th year of teaching private lessons. Her current research interest is on the applications of clinical wisdom and lived experiences of neurodivergent music therapists. Alison loves long hikes with her dog, Lily, reading, traveling, and spending time with her spouse, Vineel.

Celeste Carranza
Celeste Carranza (She/They), was born and raised in Stockton, California. A graduate of the University of the Pacific, she holds a deep connection to her community. As the former President of Mariachi Voz Campesina at Cesar Chavez High School and Mariachi Ocelotlan at the University of the Pacific, Celeste not only mastered leadership but also discovered her passion for using music as a therapeutic tool. With 11 years of proficiency in the violin, she brings a harmonious blend of cultural richness to her musical pursuits.

Through her musical prowess and leadership roles, Celeste continues to bridge the worlds of music and healing in her pursuit of making a positive impact in her community. Celeste is grateful for the chance to gain experience at Music To Grow On and hopes to make Music Therapy accessible for all, especially marginalized communities.

The interns at Music To Grow On get hands on experience working with clients of every age and a variety of diagnoses. As interns at a mobile company, interns also inherently get to know the entire Greater Sacramento Area, since they’re driving around it every day!

With experience working with clients, parents, and professionals in other disciplines, the students completing their internship with Music To Grow On gain the skills necessary to enter the professional field of Music Therapy with knowledge and confidence.