Music Therapy through the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

A collage of the MTGO music therapists working with a variety of clients.

Music To Grow On is proud to offer music therapy assessments to students of the greater Sacramento Region. In the state of California, music therapy is an IEP related service, meaning a child can obtain services through the school district.

A student can qualify for music therapy services in a school setting if one of the following is determined to be true:

  • Music provides a significant assist to currently existing IEP goals, especially in areas of slow or insufficient progress, interfering behaviors and/or a limited number of instructional approaches to which the student has been responsive.
  • The IEP team can be functionally supported in a unique way by the addition of music therapy to the child’s list of services.
  • Music has been documented as a main motivator or learning strength.

Music Therapists follow all rules and regulations as a related service under IDEA including assessment, treatment, and protocol.

Request for music therapy assessment can come from anyone considered a member of the child’s treatment team (i.e. parent, teacher, therapist, etc.). Please contact us if you have any questions about the IEP process.


  1. review of current IEP/records.
  2. Interviews/discussion with relevant staff; may include parents.
  3. Direct assessment.
  4. Written report.
  5. Presentation of report to treatment team.
  6. If Music Therapy is recommended and the treatment team (including parents) concurs/agrees with report then Music Therapy is written into the student IEP.
  7. Music Therapy may be beneficial for a child but may only be written into the IEP when it is “necessary” for a child with a disability to benefit from his or her special education.
  8. Necessity is determined through the SEMTAP.
  9. If Music Therapy services or an assessment are denied for any reason, the parent has the right to obtain a WRITTEN reason/response as to why denial occurred.


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