🎙️🔗 V2 - 05 - I've scheduled my trainings Form 🔗

Step 4

…..4.0 - Please schedule the necessary training sessions below. You can do this one of two ways. You’ll need to check your personal calendar to complete either option.

……….4.0a - Create an appointment schedule by adding several appointment slots to your MTGO Google Workspace calendar. See instructions 🔗HERE🔗

……….4.0b - Offer available times to meet directly in a Gmail message. See instructions 🔗HERE🔗 (scroll to the middle of the page).

……….4.0c - You will need to add enough options so that your trainers will have several days to choose from, to schedule the following training sessions:

…..4.1 - 1 hour appt. slot - TheraNest Training w/Jenn

……….4.1a - Ahead of our session, please read over the 🔗TheraNest Guidebook🔗 as this will cover much of what we'll be discussing (pgs. 5-11 are most important)

…..4.2 - 2 hour appt. slot - Orientation w/Bessie

…..4.3 - 1 hour appt. slot - SEIS Training w/Amy

…..4.4 - 1 hour appt. slot - CAMentor & Enriching Lives w/Kristina

…..4.5 - 1 hour appt. slot - Sexual Harassment Prevention & HIPPA Trainings w/Jenine

Step 5

…..5.0 - Once you’ve completed Step 4, please fill out this 🔗I’ve scheduled my trainings Form🔗 to confirm you've done so.

……….5.0a - This will notify each trainer that they can now schedule their session with you through your calendar.

"*" indicates required fields