Hi everyone! Ah, Spotify. An incredible tool for listening to, finding and learning new music. It is common to get caught in a rut during your sessions and feel uninspired when it comes to finding new music- I often find myself guilty of using the same songs over and over again. Spotify is a great resource that helps you find exactly what you are looking for! From powerful love ballads, Disney, to a playlist with songs with colors in the title- there are Spotify playlists for virtually everything! During my group sessions, I often plan using a theme to help center my session around a specific topic. Using themes can also assist with reality orientation and teaching new concepts as well! In this post, I have compiled five different playlists with some of my favorite themes to use. Below, you will find playlists with the themes of travelsummertime, autumn/fall, friendship, and spring time!

  1. Travel Themed Playlist

This playlist has songs all about traveling and visiting new places! These songs could be great to teach your clients about different modes of transportation, different places in the country and around the world, various climates, and much more!

2. Summertime Themed Playlist

You can find a playlist with summertime themed songs here! All of these songs are about sunshine, warm weather, and all sorts of different summertime festivities.

3. Fall/Autumn Themed Playlist

This playlist has songs all about falling leaves, cooler weather, and all things cozy! You can narrow down the fall theme into many other themes as well, such as going back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more!

4. Friendship Themed Playlist

Friendship is always a great concept to facilitate during your music therapy sessions. All of these songs always make me want to give my friends a big hug!

5. Springtime Themed Playlist

Last but not least, we have a playlist that contains springtime themed songs! These songs are all about the weather warming up and the beauty of springtime.

These themes are only the tip of the iceberg! There are so many other themes and concepts that you can teach through song. I would love to hear from you- what are some of your favorite songs to use for any of the themes listed above? Or, what are some of your favorite themes to use within your music therapy sessions?

Thank you for reading and we will see you next time!

-Juliana Hsu, MT-BC